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The NON Negotiable Rate

I just had an exchange with a man who called to ask for my services as a vocalist. He sent me an email and in it he told me how much he was going to pay me for my services. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with this. On the other hand, this is just an offer. When you walk into a store and you see a price for a particular item, there is a reason why it is that way. Have you ever tried to figure out why something costs what it does? Better yet, have you ever researched why it costs what it does in a very detailed fashion? Most things are created from start to finish by more than one or two or even three people. We just dont' take the time to break it down in our heads most of the time. Are we paying the real price for things or are we being tricked into paying certain prices based on our emotions and pre-existing habits?

    Back to my story. So he quoted me a price and I quoted him a price $100 higher as my minimum rate. He immediately answered back by saying that this w…

Lemonade And Almonds

Now one thing that I know for sure, we all like to be noticed and paid attention to. I do not mean in an egocentric way, I just mean that we all want to know that we are seen doing something and/or making some mark in this life. If we are praised or told that we are making a difference, it sticks and it shines on way after the comment has been planted. I believe that when we notice another person in this life, we actually send waves of vibrant karma points through the universe. By the way, you get more points by just flowing naturally this way. In other words, when you act like you are doing good just because and you are actually only doing it to get back, you are peacefully voted off the island.

   So there I was in a little gift shop. I was speaking with a young woman that I see every week at the same place at the same time. I always make a point to speak with her and to ask her how her day was and she smiles and always answers me back in a very dry and nonchalant way. There was…