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The View From Table 10

Today I was actually a guest at a wedding. This is out of the norm for me, because usually I am singing at a wedding. I was so happy to be on the other side for once. Not because I do not like the side that I am normally on, but because I believe that the other side must always be visited in one way or another in most parts of our lives.

   The two people that took the vow to spend their lives together were actually living in my house for almost a year it seemed, and they were just great people to have around. We joked and just had so many wonderful moments over the time that they spent with me. It was a joy to see them so happy and so connected.

   Going to a wedding opens you up to the people who are connected to the people that you care for and I find it so very interesting. I sat at a table that was full of people that I did not know. I actually loved it. They were all so very different and full of good natured energy. I even got the opportunity to sit in on a conversation that …