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Anthropologie Magic

Now for starters, I am not sure if I am supposed to like the store Anthropologie as much as I do being a red blooded heterosexual male. The truth is, I love that store! It's as if they are constantly pushing the envelope as it relates to DIY design as well as just getting their hands on interesting merchandise. I have never had a conversation with any males about this store in my entire life to my recollection. So there I was just meandering around this plethora of very stimulating things that no one actually needs in their lives. It's just that they sell things that make your life seem so colorful and full of vibrancy. It's primarily a store that is made for the woman who is into the organic, soft color, earthy, side of life in my opinion. Is my feminine side peaking right now or what? I tend you naturally migrate towards the books in any store that I enter by default, so that's exactly what happened today. There were these little travel journals that seemed t…