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The Silent Witness

Good day all!! I love to be here writing and I am so grateful that you all are here,truly I am. The title of this post came from a random place, a toll booth. That is the name of the system that records you as you are paying your toll before you drive away. I read these words and I instantly received an onslaught of thoughts that relate to those exact words. Think about how many people see you doing things or hear you saying things each and every day that you are completely unaware of? That is a little bit strange in a  certain way right? I always remember what Michele Obama said about Barack. She said that he was doing the right thing even when no one was looking and he had never changed since then.

   What do we do that exposes our character on a daily basis? Are you doing something right now in your life that you feel can only be seen by you and you alone that you are ashamed of or want to change? I asked myself this question and I came up with a few personal things that I could …