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The "Go To" Person


   In life, we have those people who we trust beyond measure. Those people who have an uncanny ability to make things happen. If you call on them, there is no doubt that you will get exactly what you asked for and even more sometimes. If ever you have to make a list of these individuals, you could do this with ease. The unfortunate part about it is that there always seems to be so few people who can actually make the list. Can you speak to them and trust that they will not only guide you, but still be sensitive to the negative things that may seep out into the conversation through that part of you that is hurt, frustrated, or even  extremely angry?

   Today I spoke with a person who told me that I was one of their few "go to " people. I was humbled by this statement, however, at the same time, I was curious what I did to be that for them. After a few minutes had passed, I realized that all I did was speak to their listening. When they needed confirmation that what they wer…