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The Book Purchasing Diet

So its not secret to anyone that knows me, I am a book addict. I crave knowledge like a donut junkie walking past Krispy Kreme, but I guess there are worse things in life right? So I decided to test myself for the remainder of the year. I will not buy any more books online or in person until the start of 2013. I will reevaluate myself then and see what happens. Now you might be asking why this challenge for myself? The answer is very much like many other things around us, we have more than we need in our minds as well as in the tangible realm to do almost anything that we want in this life, however, we keep reaching outside of ourselves to find happiness or a feeling of being "complete". Please do not misunderstand me though, I am very happy with my life in many ways. I just realize that I have been amassing a colossal library for quite a while now and I am going to really get inside of it for the rest of the year.

    The story is that I officially started this yesterda…

Mind Over Madness 2012

I can say without hesitation that there is definitely power in numbers. Human beings can do the most extraordinary things when they decide. Close your eyes and imagine something that is seemingly impossible and sit with it each and every day and by the end of the week or sooner, your mind will be sending you signals on how it could be possible. I learned a very long time ago that our brains do not have an opinion on what we can and cannot do. We decide and then the universe dashes off feverishly looking for a way to materialize whatever we desire.

  I also believe that when we feel as though we are part of a force greater than ourselves, it drives us to the core. It causes us to be, do, and have a plethora of things that may have otherwise eluded us. Whenever I see an extremely large amount of people in one place waiting in line, or queuing for a restaurant, or even at a concert, I know that they have all made a decision that no one else can change. They will be a part of that part…

100 Likes For Love And Togetherness

The Beatles said it best when they said, "All you need is love". The truth is that we need more than love in many instances, however, it will take care of  80 percent of the journey in my humble opinion. Every time I see love displayed towards another person, it leaks out on any person that is in the general vicinity. This truth is one of the most incredible truths in life. You see it when a newborn baby enters the room, when a small puppy is walking down the street, and of course when you watch people meet at the airport. I referenced puppies and babies specifically because they only know love at their stage in life and that is what they transmit to each and every person.

     I want to highlight a woman that I know today because she is always helpings others and inspiring them to higher levels with her wonderful fitness and food intake ideas as well as just being extra incredible as a human being. I get update from her Facebook page( Click here to see for yourself!!!!!.) …