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The Center Of Grand

There are some places that just make you take a series of deep breathes over and over again. I am speaking of a place that makes you believe that anything is possible and that you can always come to and just be. If you could close your eyes and just picture a place like this, where would it be? I feel as though I always have a head start in coming up with a place like this because I live in New York City, however, that is just my internal story based on my intense bias point of view about this breathtaking island.

   I was about to get on the train and I had to take a short detour inside because it feeds me in a colossal fashion without fail no matter what day I find myself here. The people are moving briskly through the corridors on their way to a thousand different destinations, the shops are more than plentiful with all sorts of curios, foods, literature, toys, and many other things. There is marble all around that is kept beyond pristine and the lighting is like something out o…

Love Above Times Square

Now I have written many times about my numerous wedding gigs and how they always produce certain emotions inside of me. This past Saturday I was high above Times Square and full of emotion once again for many reasons. I find it so peculiar how certain moments just move you in a way that you did not think they would. Actually, you don't even think about it, the truth is that it just happens.

  I love the sight of Times Square. It's a place that just yanks at your insides and demands it to pay attention no matter what time of the day it is. The lights and the billboards and the diversity of nationalities that come just to sit there and stare in astonishment are just priceless. Still to this very day, I will go to Times Square with my camera to snap away and be very content with the outcome no matter what.

  As I stood in the lounge area several floors above Times Square, I could feel the love of these two young men that were about to make their love official and to embark on …