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Happy And Present In The Moment

Every now and then I like to take a walk with a child. It has to be one of the most consistent exercises for any human being to do to understand true living in the moment. There is nothing else going on except what is happening in the moment. They will not reach for their cell phone or act as though they are paying attention when they are not or even hint at not being honest with you. Time with a child is brutally real and magically rewarding. Of course, some would say that it depends on what child you spend time with as well. I still say that it is like a master class in true attentiveness and being in the moment.

  I took about a 35 minute walk with the young girl above in her neighborhood. We walked and talked and even held hands for about 5 minutes. She was so happy to be out in the day and to just be in the moment. During the walk, these are the things that she commented on:

First she noticed a dead bird on the grass. (Of course we had to get close and investigate.)Then she pic…

Sensitive Feet Over Hot Coals

There are so many indicators around us as to what makes us move quicker, run faster from our goals, and even hide from accountability. We are constantly pressed up against some sort of opposition and that will never change. The magic in that though, is that we can choose to learn from it and soldier on no matter what. I read somewhere that the first time you do something its a mistake and after that its a habit. That statement has never ever left my brain. So undoubtedly when we find ourselves revisiting the same set of circumstances in life, we have to make the best choice for ourselves no matter what things are planted in our heads by others who always have our best interests at heart.

    When the coals of life are too hot, does it make sense to keep going to gain strength from these times or to move to a different path? Can good come from a bad situation? Yes it can. Can bad come from a good situation? Yes, it can. So the question remains, what is the right path in any given s…

Mental Hang Gliding

I looked up some descriptions of hang gliding and the one sentence that really grabbed me was this:

The pilot is ensconced in a harness suspended from the airframe, and exercises control by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame.
  Now this truly takes us into the eye of the storm as it relates to what it takes to go to that next level of the unknown or to a place that somehow stunts you or shuts you out. Today is a special day for me because I am stepping into a new frame as a singer. I was not forced to this place, nor do I have anything to prove to anyone outside of myself. It is such a gift that today I woke up feeling as though I was about to go hang gliding. The interesting thing is, I have never been hang gliding in my entire life. I just mentally feel that the emotions I am experiencing right now would be similar this. 
One would think that when you are hang gliding, all things would be below you and you would view them from a completely different perspective. W…