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Union Square / Free Line Skates/ Uversa Oumbajuah

Well NYC is just a thick coil of energy and I would be surprised to meet anyone who feels differently about that. One of the centers in the city that always delivers is Union Square. As I walked through yesterday on my way to the train I was smacked by the energy of two different people and they both brought the magic in record time. I had to stop and connect with each one of them separately. I acted from my soul because it called me to do so. It felt so great and I did not feel the time go by during these two interactions.

   The first person that I connected with was a young man named Aaron.  He was rolling around on these roller blade like wheels. I found out shortly after that they are called Free Line Skates .The fascinating part was that there were two wheels under each foot, however, they were separately working on their own. I have included a picture above so that you can understand what I am saying. These skates have flat surfaces on the top and that is where you place yo…