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Underground Performance Masters

Last evening I was on the train coming home and I was entertained once again my yet another singer. This woman was unique in the fact that she sang at the top of her lungs while her headphones were on and she did not care how loud she was or who enjoyed it. I saw her on the platform before I entered the train. She was there speaking very outlandishly with some people that she did not know and they were so fascinated by her. Truth be told, everyone was staring at her in the general vicinity. She spoke of her money and her sexual orientation and all of these random things. We were all taken by her.

   So I entered the train. I was not ready for what happened next. The same woman had sat about 7 feet from me, placed her headphones on, and decided to sing "Anything For You" by Gloria Estefan. Now when I tell you that she sang it in full voice, this is truly an understatement. She caused three different people to change their seat in the first 5 seconds. Here in NY, you are re…

Two Magic Sitings

As you can probably figure out quite obviously, I am a bit of an addict for the small things in life. I walk around and just really take it all in most days. This is a blessing and sometimes it is a curse. I say this because it is also a very good practice to just "be", and not try to take too much in every day. To each there own right?

  Today as I took a short walk in the neighborhood to take care of a couple of things, I noticed something so simple that gave me a nice chunk of joy in record time. This is pretty common in my area because there are children everywhere. I always think of children as the true teachers in our world because they continually remind us that life does not have to be so serious all of the time. So when a child wants to do something, they generally just do it and deal with the repercussions after.

   So I was walking down an amazingly beautiful street that is seconds from my house and there it was!!! A sidewalk chalk picture that was made by a han…