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Disaster Recovery (Guest Post)

This post was written entirely by one of my favorite writers. I found her site in a haphazard way a couple of years ago. I always wanted to meet her after reading her words and seeing her face. I could not stop thinking about just sitting down with her and having a conversation in the near future. I guess it probably doesn't surprise you that I did meet her one day on a random street in the west village here in NYC. She was warm and friendly and all that I thought she would be. Her name is Dana Roc and her words continue to make me think about life's challenges and curiosities. Please enjoy this post and let me know how you feel afterward. If you are really feeling giving, send a message to her site and let her know that you read her words on Chase Steele Greye's blog and that it made a difference to you. There are other guest posts on the way along with some video interviews as well. My good friend Dana scribes below..

   There is a popular school of thought going aro…