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Musical Magicality Times 20

I cannot explain how the power of music has kept my life on a high for several years. Wherever I go, all I need to do is just close my eyes and the music is right there in my mind. Music is everywhere in our lives of course and it goes without saying that there is no way for any of us to escape it. Have you ever gone out into your day and not heard music? I can tell you that the answer is no. It is impossible for you not to have heard at least a piece of a melody or a voice in some way or another. This fact is one of the most soothing facts in my opinion. Music follows us every day in every way no matter where we are in the world.

     There is a book that I have read called Musicophilia, Tales Of Music And The Brain  written by a man named Oliver Sachs. This is the man that is in this video talking about the way music gets inside of us. I highly recommend this book to all music lovers. It has some truly fascinating studies in it. As I watched this video above I really felt a w…

In Control Of Self

The concept of "self-control" is an often misunderstood thing. We begin in life seemingly having no self-control and that changes rapidly as the days roll on, or does it? I am an avid watcher of those around me and I get so much information on this topic daily that is astounds me.

   Just yesterday I was in a laundry facility because my home machine was on the brink. I had one load so it was a simple visit. I had never been in this place in 5 years and it is 4 minutes from my house at best. Upon entering the place, I got an instant feeling of low vibrational energy. I cannot tell exactly why, it was just there. I asked how long it would take if I dropped the clothes off and the response was, "ONE DAY!!!!" I proceeded to look for an empty machine and I even greeted the two people who were working there, however, they both nodded without any greeting. I approached the cashier and asked for change to feed the machine. I was asked how much I needed and it was given …