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A Competitive Price

I wrote a post not too long ago that dealt with our worth. I believe that we are all worth something for what we do or specialize in and I believe that we should ask for it. However, to claim your worth, you have to be accountable for what is delivered from that point forward and that is where the rub comes in...

  Last evening I had a conversation with one of the most talented musicians that I have ever known in my life. He oozes music when he plays and sings and he truly makes a mark when we perform together. We had a discussion on getting paid as a musician and what that can entail in certain situations as it relates to price. I told him that I had a specific rate to dispense my talents that I stick to as much as possible. He told me that he needs to work so if different gigs came frequently for a basic price that he takes them. I explained to him that I have certainly taken gigs for less here and there, however, that I truly felt that he should have a specific rate. His reply w…

Wisdom Of The Pearl

I often read stories of struggle and how it was because of the struggle that the end result came to be. The things that seem effortless in life are generally the ones that do not endure in the end. This is not to say that when things come easy that they are not enjoyable or worthwhile, mind you. Generally, I hear people say that they are used to their struggle and that they have just accepted it and learn how to live with it without making an effort to overcome it. Therefore they are left right where they are never to see the light. This is so very common but not in any way necessary, but that depends on who you ask.

   I had some very deep thoughts this evening about certain challenges that are around me in the present moment and I immediately thought of the pearl. It is a unique thing because it is grown by a live oyster and not mined from the land like some metals or gemstones. When it reveals itself for the first time, it is in its most perfect state. So where am I going with …