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Magic In An Elevator

At some point or another, we all find ourselves in an elevator with people that we do not know. In this instant we have the choice to speak or not. Other times, the people speak to us first and then we follow suit. Such a small compartment can yield very interesting results. Often times people enter already engaged in their own conversation and we can just listen and sometimes just be amused by the topics that they are speaking about. I particularly love this scenario because it amazes me how nonchalant some people can be when it comes to just putting their personal business or even worse other people's business out in the street.

   On this wonderful day, a few days ago, I was in an elevator alone on the first floor of a building and I heard someone racing to the catch it, so I held the door. Come to find out a few seconds later, it was a nice woman who entered the train nothing short of malodorous to say the very least. I immediately began to feel a little uncomfortable with…

My Day Of Birth

It comes very year on the same day. It does not matter what day of the week that day fall on, it happens. You are reminded that you made it another year in this incredible amusement park that we call life. I call it that because I am constantly amused with all that goes on in this park! On this day a flood of well wishes come through in many ways. Now that we are living in a world where communication is available in a multitude of ways, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Just think, at one time when it was your birthday, you only heard well wishes in your home or over the phone. Now there can be 6 different ways or more to receive those sentiments.

   This day is not so much my age as it is the point that I am in my soul. I feel 15 years younger than I am on paper. However, how am I supposed to know what this age feels like if I have never been here? I am here now and I like how it feels, so that is what matters. My body feels clear and fluid and my mind is stimulated in so many wa…

Treatment Of Human Beings

Well here it is and it is sort of a rant with magic particles mixed inside. I have performed at many high end venues all over the city for years now. If there is one thing I know so much about, its how people are treated in different situations. It goes without saying that in certain very upscale venues, the clientele is way above the norm in terms of what they have paid to be at that particular venue and I understand that. The piece of information that you may not know though, is that behind the curtain, things look extremely different.

   Last evening I performed at a wonderful event that just happened to be a wedding. I pride myself in getting ready to perform at the venue so that I step on to the stage wrinkle free and comfortable. The other option would be to wear my suit in the car and get it crushed or creased by the seat belt and so on. Usually, I get ready in the bathroom that the guests use. These bathrooms are kept so pristine and bright that it is incredible. I have bee…

The Art Of Moving

This is a posting that could possibly be very long winded, just a warning. I speak to many of my closest friends about moving quite frequently. When I say moving, I mean the actual moving through your life and not getting to caught up on things that do or do not go the way that you planned them to, as well as actually moving from one job, home, or relationship to another. There is so much that goes on inside of me as it relates to all of this.

  Let's start with moving from one home or apartment to another. I have fresh feelings about this because I helped a dear friend move over the past few days for a total of about 10 hours or so and it was very eye opening. First, let me start by saying that we all have our own method in which we move from one place to another. Some people hire a moving company and leave the house and wait for the movers at their new location. Others may pack meticulously and then wait for the moving company to retrieve the boxes and then ride with them to…