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The Gift Of Our Mental Hard Drive

We have all come from somewhere. It does not matter if we came the short or long way, the quick or fast way, the lost or found way, we are here. Today I started off the day with a phone call that included a family member and a woman that I have not seen in at least 10 years, or so it seems. When we were all living together during that time, our life was very large together. We ate and went to concerts and parks and laughed uncontrollably on a daily basis. We could not have been any different during that time, yet we had a true common thread that lit us up whenever we engaged each other. In many ways, this relationship was some of my best and most treasured lessons on having a truly fulfilling relationship without too much drama. There was some drama, however, I even learned tons from that and it helped me along the way.

   This call took place from 3 different cities at the same time. Our geography would have formed a diamond if we drew it on a map.We were on a three way conference…