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Law Of Attraction Bliss!!!

There is always someone somewhere summoning a different vibe in their life. I speak with people daily that are sending a myriad of signals to me and at times it is overwhelming to say the very least. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend who truly speaks to my listening and it was pure magic. She spoke to me about how she was down for so long and then she just picked up, changed her geography along with her son and flipped her whole life dynamic for the better. It was just so inspiring to feel the energy of her resilience and her steadfast, bulldog determination. I introduced her to an incredible group of people that were looking for sharp individuals just like her and now she is aligned with them as well. It all just fit into place.

    After speaking with her at length over the past week or so, the most prominent statement that she continued to make at different intervals was that she had attracted all of the things that are happening right now. She made it clear tha…

In Search Of Balance

I can truly say that in the past few months I have had more conversations with some of my dearest friends old and new about their frustrations in not being able to find balance. Of course, each person has a different meaning for that word. How do you know that you are in balance? Is there a little glass level with a water bubble on the side of your head that lets you know? Do you hear a little bell go off inside of your ear? Does your eye twitch? I would probably guess no for each and every one of those scenarios.

   Balance seems quite elusive to a large majority of people. I do pay attention to it on a daily or maybe weekly basis and I can say from my perspective that balance is in direct proportion with your expectations of yourself. In other words, being out of balance as it relates to what you think others expect from you does not count. Have you ever heard someone say that they wanted to do something but they didn't want to be seen a certain way, so they decided not to do…

Magic Journals!!!!

I love to work with my hands. If I can create with my hands, it makes me feel as though I am floating. I will even go as far to say that I love it as much as I love to perform on the stage. When I get to see the reaction of the person that holds one of my creations, it calms me in a way that I cannot describe with mere words. An idea begins in my brain and then I just run with it and learn along the way. The lessons that arrive are always rich and full of wild discovery! As long as I do not get concerned with perfection, it works out almost every time.  I recently built the bed that I sleep in and it makes me smile to know that I made my bed and lie in it.

   Here are some pictures of my journals that I photographed recently. They are now for sale and I am excited to send them around the world. Each one of them is made by hand from materials that would have been otherwise thrown away. The photos were all taken by me and they will be up on a website very shortly. These mean so much…