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Our Journey

I rarely post quotes in these posts. I just like to share the inside stories, the aha moments, and the lessons. Today I am posting a quote that I really feel is necessary for everyone to read. Sometimes our journey seems as though it has been a waste of time based on those who we feel have come in and robbed us of some of it or because we did not act when we could of to change the course of our lives. Trust me, neither one of those things are true. Read this quote below and see how it affects you.

                                                  Have a great day!!!                Chase

An Extra Day

Yesterday was the extra day in the leap year. I saw many articles and references to it around town. Each time that I read something that talked about the leap year, I thought to myself, what if I really did have more time"? I mean what if a day was 48 hours, a week was 14 days, a month was 60 days and a year was then 730 days? Would the time allow us to accomplish more and live fuller? Would deadlines seem softer and create less stress? Would we appreciate things more every day because we knew that we had twice as long to enjoy it?

    I have read many times that time shrinks and expands in direct relation to how much time we think that we have. In other words, if you are given a tight deadline, you will sprint like crazy to get it done if it means anything to you. However, if you are given lots of time, you will lounge for almost 80% of the time thinking that you will get to it later with no stress. It is definitely true that there are those who will just go for things in the…

Who Do You Think You Are?

I know that many of us have heard that question in less than favorable situations, but have you ever really stopped to think about that? How many of our actions are based upon who we think that we really are? For example, I know someone who thinks that they are one of the most beautiful women in NYC! This woman has so much energy and spirit that she floors me whenever I see her. I almost cannot stop listening to her when she speaks because what is seen on the outside is not even half as powerful as what is on the inside! This woman that I speak of is in a wheelchair and she is almost always placed into a category that wants to define her. The incredible thing is, after meeting her, you have to take inventory on your own attitude and what you think about yourself. She just happens to be beautiful as well.

   From the time that we are born we are looked at as the most beautiful beings on earth from our parents perspective. If you were fortunate enough to hear how perfect, loving, pr…