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The Danger Of Kindness / Giving Up Your Seat

We are all here to accomplish something or other. Day to day, we are constantly confronted with others in a myriad of ways. The question is how kind are we during most of our interactions? This is a question that I ask of myself all of the time. I know for a fact that better outcomes arise from the kind treatment of others. The unfortunate thing is, everyone did not get the memo. Some people are not even close to treating others kindly and they know it! So where does the danger come in you may ask? From my perspective, it comes when we cannot accept that it won't always be reciprocated even when we go in with a kind heart. I have been there, trust me.

      There are people that I know personally that will tell me that they are done with being nice because it does not pay off, so why bother? They say that they have given all of the niceness that they can possibly give and that they cannot waste their energy anymore. That is where the danger begins. These people never seem to…