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Whitney....A Proper Send Off

Today was the funeral of Whitney Houston in Newark, New Jersey. I watched it on television in silence.There were probably more celebrities and people of note there than at the Grammys, truth be told. There were so many people who expressed so much appreciation for this woman that it was almost unreal. I say that with much respect of course. Each one of them had something to say that was equally as important in their own way and it was clear that this one woman had made a difference in all of their lives. One of the speakers said something that is so important in my opinion. He said that instead of just buying a ticket, cd, or shirt by your favorite artist or what have you, remember to support them with your thoughts of positivity and well wishing. He made it clear that Whitney did all of the things that she did from traveling all over the world, to signings, interviews, charity events, and so forth for all of us.

   Kevin Costner had some of the best things to say about Whitney an…

Match DOT Strong

I love to write about those who have overcome the resistance and carried on. You know who I am speaking of don't you? Those people that no matter what gets throw in their path, they can keep rolling like a hamster wheel!! This posting is about a woman that I have so much respect for in so many ways. Here is her story.

  She was married to a very dominant man for many years and she took a beating from him in many ways through her soul. One of her sons got into some trouble with the law and that changed everything in her life. Her son became wanted by the law and he fled. She tried to provide for her other 2 children while the father was away in another country working and sending money home at one time, however, it got progressively worse and then became unbearable. Something, somehow, had to change. She did all that she could with her resources and eventually had to move to a smaller place. Unfortunately, that was not enough and her children were taken from her. She was harshly…

Adele / Whitney

Firstly, in my humble opinion, there is nothing like the power of music. In all of my years on this beautiful planet, nothing touches me so deep and so completely. You see no one person on earth can escape music on any day of the week. The sensations and the vibrations that it offers to us free of charge, also have the ability to grab us from the inside without our permission. We have all been somewhere at one time when a song played and it stopped us cold and we could not move an inch. Songs are connected to emotions and emotions are connected to our souls. I believe that all of life's answers are connected to music and we only need to listen carefully to truly grasp it and then use it to heal ourselves or to become clearer about a given situation.

    I titled this post with the names that you see above because I find them to be extremely powerful and passionate about what they do in a very similar way. Whitney's career was one that would be hard to copy even if you had …