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Blogis Interruptis

Some days I have so much going on in my head that all I can do is just sit and let it settle like the bubbles in a hot tub when the timer runs out. Since my last entry I have been setting myself up for victory in more ways than one and I am very deliberate about it. After all, whatever disc we put into our player will keep playing until we get tired of the same old songs and change the selection. I have seen so many magic things in the past week or so, that it makes me want to give a recap of them in a more condensed form than usual. These little moments keep me buoyant and on an internal/external high just about daily.  

  On the platform waiting for the train, I saw a young girl of maybe 18, give a homeless man a $20 bill. He looked at her as she walked away and smiled, kissed the bill, and closed his eyes as he placed his hands in prayer position and looked down. I then caught a glimpse of her. She did not look back, however, her smile was just as big. That was a great moment. …