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This is a word that I concocted just because it just feels right. Some of the asanas that I get into with my practice are just as much ecstasy as they are agony. The blend of the two keep you humble and striving ahead. This was my 28th day in a row of yoga today and it was very challenging. I actually did a version of the above posture. Is something making it harder in the final days? That is only true if I make it so, this I know without a doubt. The room was juicy and hot today as usual, however, I took a class with a teacher that normally teaches another style and it pushed me to my wall a bit. I was panting and working very hard on my breathing. It was a major challenge.

    The owner of this studio has what is called a community class on Saturdays and it was starting up as I was leaving. I will be taking pictures of the class in the coming weeks so I am very excited about this. I really loved seeing all of these people who would probably never have entered the studio otherwis…

Yesterday, Today.

What happened yesterday is gone. Today is happening now. My practice was incredible yesterday as I was in between two very powerful yogis that I highly respect for my 26th day. One was the owner of the studio who is just a pit bull of determination and strength mixed with undying love and the other was one of the most beautiful energies in a female that you will ever see. I took it as a building up to my 30th day to have them on either side of me. I felt there energies shooting through me from either side and it was so divine.

    This post is very short and simple today. I am grateful and I am open to the possibilities that lie ahead. The rain is falling and I am about to go out into a dark and overcast day. However, inside I am glowing with anticipation for what's to come. Smile and make it happen just the way that you would like it to my good friends....


Nature Continues To Teach

Entering the room today for my 25th day of hot yoga was beautiful. Firstly, the room was just packed and that makes you have to stay more focused on yourself in every way. The majority of the space you take up during this practice stays on the mat, however, you do extend your arms and bend forward here and there, so you have to use your space carefully. There are so many amazing souls that practice with me and I am grateful for each and every one of them. My body was open and ready to receive the practice today and boy did I get it!! I keep letting myself know that I have been in that room for 25 days in a row without even one day off!! As I said to a friend of mine recently, if you can come here everyday for 60 to 90 minutes, then nothing is impossible in your life. We always make time for what is most important to us I truly believe that. There are no exceptions.

    I have a plant in my dining room. This is a picture of it above. A little back story on it. I was at a very close…

And Then It Was Done...Day 24

One of the most powerful lessons that has come through this practice is breathing through the tension. When a moment that challenges you arrives, you concentrate more on your breathing than the actual pose. This comes with time and I am in no way an expert at it yet. The magic in this is that I feel it happening little by little. Today's class is the most challenging of the three different styles of class that I take. It involves a flow of sorts that moves your body in many directions and takes your heart rate up and down many times in the 75 minutes.

    Each and every time I take this class, I walk out very depleted, yet energized. What an amazing feeling to feel as though you have made yourself stronger by pushing to the edge of your comfort zone. Today in class I was struggling a little bit, however, I kept going as the sweat dripped from every part of my body. I made a breakthrough today that truly made me proud. I completed the class as I always do, the difference was th…