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Progression Through The Practice

On my 21st day of this amazing challenge, I can honestly say that I have carved a new path for myself physically and mentally as well. It is not any where near over with by any means. I just had some serious revelations about the word practice in general today after my class. To be blunt, practice can be boring, tedious, very slow moving, and devoid of any visible results for many years in some instances. It is said that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of consistent practice to become an expert at something, however, what does being an expert mean to your personally? The expert also tends to be that person who's mind is less receptive to newness, therefore, remaining in the student realm can afford you a lifetime of discoveries and insights. Even if people refer to you as an expert, you can still remain a student for your entire life.

    Class today was extremely pleasurable for me and a bit too easy in some poses. I am saying that in the most humble way, because every day is …

Day 20!!!!! No Phone!! The Resistance Begins!!

So let me explain. I was helping a good friend move some things out of her apartment today with her other friend and some of it was actually coming to my house. So we moved it in to the car and we headed to my house. I had a limited amount of time because of another appointment as well as my 20th day of my yoga challenge. Now this is why doing yoga is challenging. The minute your mind starts to want to go to that place where you panic, you see a reflection of yourself and you get to stop it before it begins. I let it go and trusted that I would make it to my appointment as well as my yoga class.

    Well all this sounds great, however, right when I got inside of the house and had my momentum going to complete the next thing, I realized that my phone was in the car that had just left. I ran back downstairs and almost started to run after the car, and then I stopped and caught myself. I knew that I would find my good friends later. But then, that little nagging internal voice starte…

BAM!!!! Insights From My 18th Day Of Yoga

Yesterday was probably the most challenging day of yoga of this entire challenge. The room was so hot and juicy that my muscles were just begging to be exposed to some cool air. The class was ninety minutes and it felt like 180! I took the last class of the day which I normally do not do. The class is still amazing later in the day, its just that I prefer the feeling the practice gives you in the actual morning through to the end of the day. I made it through as I do each and every class with my will power and consistent light breath. This practice is really a challenge in every way.

   Class was full for the most part today. I saw most of the same faces that I normally do and that made me happy. I have noticed that certain people are now saying hello to me by first name. I have never introduced myself to them, however, we send each other energy during every class. I also should add that my name is on my yoga mat, so that could be a factor. So the class began with a short and power…

Word Play

Each and every day we use words and they land on people based on who they are. This can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. We don't set out to attack others in any way, I truly believe that with all of my heart. However, we have no control over people's scope of life. That causes scars mentally and emotionally for many people and that wont change any time soon. We just do not know where people are when we rub up against them and that will never change.

    Today I practically ran to the computer to write this entry because it made me percolate inside in more ways than one. A person that I respect highly challenged me about a word that is in my bio for this blog. The word in question is "succulent". I am not exactly sure where I was the first time that I heard that word, but I can tell you this, I love that word and I have a strong connection with it. There is a woman who absolutely flipped my entire mind over on its side as it relates to this word. T…

Thank You J.S.

Before I tell you a very nice story about an incredible soul that I met today, I want to give immeasurable thanks to Martin Luther King. This was a man that truly changed the course of many people's lives and I cannot say enough about him. If you did not see the posting that I sent out last year almost on this exact day, please go back in the archives and read it, you will not be disappointed, I assure you. I actually would like to share this quote with you from the man himself in honor of his greatness.

"Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus." -MLK

This day has already been filled with magic because of a gorgeous and high vibrating soul that crossed my path today while I was at my neighborhood food coop.I will just call her J.S. for the time being because I want to reveal her at a later date so I can introduce you to her original music. She is an aspiring singer/songwriter who is on the path to manifesting all of her d…