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Cracking Open

I have said this over and over again. As soon as you commit to becoming more, the universe opens up more opportunities to you and it tests you beyond belief. It would be as if you are in a batting cage and at first the balls are coming at you one every 10 seconds. Then after about thirty minutes the balls are shooting at you one every 2 seconds. The balls that come slow are easy to hit and you can get bored and possibly miss a few. However, the balls that shoot out quicker will definitely create a heightened awareness. Your swings have to be come more precise and your eye must become sharper.The magic here is that you are the person that requests to turn up the volume so that you can grow. What an amazing gift to give yourself.

   This is the 13th day of my new year and my yoga challenge is still intact. Each time I enter the room I feel the warmth of newness and the cracking open of many new perspectives. My body was trembling during class yesterday and I held on and made it throu…

They Were Still There

Today was the 10th day in a row of my yoga challenge and I am feeling like my body is thanking me every minute. Walking in that room and not knowing exactly how your body will react is just indescribable. The one thing that you do know however, is that you are growing and stretching the body to new heights and the mind to new points of reference. The journey is soothing me beyond measure. We are always stronger than we think we are. There is always a little more inside of us when we want to quit in any given situation.

    Yesterday as I got ready for my class I dropped my wallet case on the floor. After dropping it a couple of the cards flew out of it. I picked them up and shoved them back inside and went about my business. I had an amazing class as usual and I left and carried on with the rest of my day. Later on in the day, I reached for my case and popped it open. To my surprise, my main credit card and another card was gone! So I immediately rewound the mental tape in my head…

Flying While Engaged In Yoga

This year is getting off to a very quick start. I have completed my 8th day of yoga in a row on my way to 30 days straight and I am already reaping the benefits of the clarity that the practice provides. I see it as taking inventory on yourself from the inside out and then acting accordingly as necessary. Doing more for others, acting with intention, noticing the ego before it rises up and out of control, and lastly, being very, very, grateful for every sliver of your life.

   I had a conversation with a stranger this week and we got to talking about travel. He asked me if I have done much traveling out of the country and I told him that I had in fact traveled to many countries. Then I told him that I had been "flying" emotionally, spiritually,and geographically for many years. I really believe this statement and it keeps me afloat every day. Being in yoga daily is truly a heart opener. I notice so many things about my journey that are connected to the actual experience e…