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Creativity Never Disappoints Me

As I was walking around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today, I stumbled upon a place that made me smile from ear to ear and then once again. I am particularly drawn to places that are wood inspired or rustic or anything that looks as though it were made by hand. It also goes without saying that I am like a book magnet. If you can read it, write in it, or just flip through it, then it's for me. I love the way paper smells and the way different textures of certain books feel in my hands. I also love the fact that every time I pick up a book, I can never be quite sure what is inside of it. The mystery soothes me....

    I have to give a big shout out to The Brooklyn Art Library. Now I have seen maybe thousands of creative contests, shows, installations, galleries, and so forth. Well, I am here to say that these guys are on the path of greatness in every way. The store itself has several thousands of sketchbooks from people who live in over 94 countries as well as in every state in th…

Happy New Year!!!!

I am working on a new face for the blog for 2012. I love the red!!! Once again, I thank you all for taking a few minutes and coming here. Today was a day of introspection and gratefulness. My yoga class was very revealing from a physical point of view. The poses that were challenging for me told a story of their own. I started a 30 day yoga challenge today just like I did at the beginning of the year before. What would happen if you did that special something for 30 days in a row?  I am pushing myself this year in a few ways.

   This picture makes me think about being a force on your own and harnessing boldness. This leaf fell on this pedestal on its own and I had to capture it!!! There is so much exciting stuff in store for the blog this year! I cannot wait to show it to you. Put pen to paper and let the universe know what you plan to manifest for the year!!! It makes a difference, I promise. Here's to the new!!!!!!   Chase