The Strength Of Our Word / Emotional Leak


    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That was a relief sigh as opposed to a scream of tension. I am posting because it would not be possible for me to sleep with all of this on my mind, so here it goes. I have been hearing about how important it is to keep your word since I can remember hearing sounds. It has been so ingrained in my mind that I could never take it lightly. I was raised by 3 strong parents who walked the walk and talked the talk almost all of the time. Why almost all of the time? Well, nothing and no one person is perfect, so I had to give them some wiggle room. It is amazing how some things follow you around as you mature and become a part of your every day life.

  If I had to give myself a percentage rate of how often I consistently keep my word, I would have to say roughly 85% or higher on any given day, which is high I know, but I own it. As I write this I can think of a few times that I did not keep my word and the pain from those times still lingers here and there. Its a big deal when someone counts on you to be on time, or to pick something up, or to finish a product on a certain date, or just to be present when you say that you will.

   So I ask you, does keeping your word matter to you? For me personally, my answer is a resounding yes. The kicker though, is when you do not keep your word and you have to face that person with a reason or some sort of explanation. You have to take the hit whether its a good reason or not. As Yoda said in Star Wars,"There is no try, there is only do or do not." That may sound harsh to some of you, but at the end of the day, that's how it is. Just think of the little girl who is so used to her mother picking her up late whenever she goes anywhere, or the man who can never manage to pick his wife up from the salon when she is finished. After a certain amount of time, these people develop a new thread and their expectations go down and then its no longer a surprise, its the norm.
    I had a conversation today with a woman who I highly cherish and respect that lasted at least an hour total over this very topic. To make a long story short, I let my day get out of hand a while back and I told her that I would get back to her, and I didn't. It may sound a bit trivial to some of you, but to others you know exactly where I am going with this. Our word is our bond. To understand this all you have to do is look at companies like Amazon, or Fed Ex, or 1800 Flowers. These places are building reputations on their word each and every day. What happens when they do not do what they say? What happens is the masses start talking and soon they can be left in the dust without ever knowing what happened. Not keeping your word is the silent killer. I call it that because most times you do not feel the damage that it is causing until its too late.

     As I said, I have a pretty good reputation with keeping my word, however, it can be easily tarnished if not paid attention to almost daily. So we spoke and I had to take ownership for my shortcoming and for the fact that it had happened a few times before with the same person. Now what is it that created this block with her and I? I have no idea. The one thing that I do know though is that when something is important to us, we will move mountains to change it for the better and that is what I intend to do. Our conversation started out a bit tense and muddy, however, it turned into loving and full of compassion in the end. I had to take the hit and realize that life is made up of several million little synapses that create the whole experience and that is why your word is a detail that must be upheld at all costs. I am so glad that I am reminding myself of this concept so that I can step up a little in this area.

     This evening I attended a Bikram yoga class in a different location on purpose. I love to visit different places so as to keep my practice fresh and full of diversity. Bikram challenges you to push outside of your comfort zone and to strengthen yourself from the inside out. I am actually going to release an e-book on my experience with this incredible practice. It is about 80% finished right now. More about that soon.. It will available for purchase by the end of January ( I just gave my word!!!Look out!!). I was greeted very nicely by the front desk woman and I went into the changing room and got ready shortly after that. I then entered the room and got a space right in the front of the class. I like to be in the front because it raises your consciousness when you are that close to the teacher and in the first row. On the other hand, the last thing you should be doing is looking at others in the class. Bikram is about you and your potential. You "practice" and when that becomes consistent, you grow, simple.

     I have learned so much about myself these past few months. One of the biggest things that I have learned is that no matter what happens, we must move forward. When the body is feeling heavy and not flowing properly or even just dragging a little bit, there is a problem. A few years ago, I was in class  at another studio, and at the end of the class tears starting running down my face. I was not upset or sad or anything or so I thought. I asked the teacher what could this be about? Her answer was that we come here to cleanse our bodies and to release toxins that have no business inside of us. "You obviously just released some emotions from your system that do not serve you", she said. I never forgot that day and it really impacted me going forward. Cut to tonight.

     Half way through the class, my eyes started to water and before I knew it, BOOM!!!! I was shedding tears. Now I need to tell you that this time I did know why they were coming out, however, I thought that I had gotten rid of them a few weeks ago and that I was passed that. Well I have had other classes and it did not happen in any of them, but today the emotional leak came right out. I stayed quiet so I am sure that no one heard me. Actually, I did not cry, I just released some tears. It felt good to let them go and I could feel my body thanking me. When we are carrying useless things around with us in our soul, the body will find a way to get rid of them each and every time. I know this for a fact and i see it in action all of the time, unfortunately not in the best of ways.

      So in closing, if you are not feeling bright and open and clear, please take a yoga class, or mediate, or take a bath, or just sit and do nothing and let the body do its magic on you. I am about to go to sleep and I will commit to having a really spectacular day tomorrow again. Thank you for reading as always. I appreciate it more than you could ever now. Oh and remember, there is no such thing as a bad day. There are only days with different types of information and feedback that we choose to augment or diminish based on how we are feeling or what we are going through. Game on.



Anonymous said…
game on, indeed. great post.
Thank you for reading. If possible, can you tell me what city you are in Anonymous person? I respect you wanting to be private completely...

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