A Smile The Size Of Texas

 If you know me at all, you know that I love children. Their innocence and ability to be in the present moment and happy for no reason at all,just warms me up every time. I connect with them on so many levels because deep down inside, I am still a child at heart. Sometimes when I look at a child I can almost hear them telling me to cheer up or to not be so serious, its truly amazing. So I guess it goes without saying that I do pay very close attention to them wherever I go no matter what. I watch them, draw from them, and completely appreciate them.

  So I was in the train this morning and a couple came on the train with a jumbo sized carriage with a young child in it. The child was a beautiful young girl that was about 3 maybe. She had a piece of bread in her hand, and as soon as she was turned around so as not to be in the aisle, she planted her eyes directly on me. Well, all I can say is that this girl had a smile the size of Texas!!! She opened her mouth and exposed 6 teeth like no other baby that I have ever seen!! She then reached towards me and offered me a bite of her bread without words. I immediately told her, Thank you, but I am cutting back on the gluten."She seemed to understand me and giggled a little bit and that was just perfect to me. Her parents looked on with so much pride and happiness after seeing what their daughter had just done and they told me that she is nice with everyone and they loved that about her. Truth be told, I was not in the optimal, high vibrational mood just seconds before this flood light of a child connected with me.

    It just makes me feel so good to be in the vicinity of a child, they just get it. That child changed my whole vibe with a smile and an offering of bread and that is the magic of this posting. I got off of the train at the next stop and that was over an hour ago. I am still thinking about. If you could have seen this smile, it would have affected you as well even over the Internet. Sadly, I was not quick enough to grab my phone because the smile paralyzed me in a millisecond and I was fully present. She even smiled and waved as I walked away.

   Its the day before Christmas and the city is full of frantic people trying to get those last Christmas gifts. However, the city is also filled with tons of young children just lost in the wonder of all the lights and sounds and Santa Clauses that are plastered everywhere around the city.I remember how exciting this holiday was for me when I was younger. It just has such an uplifting vibe that permeates your brain no matter where you go and I love it. There is nothing like Christmas in NYC, nothing. Once again, I was slapped with the magic out of nowhere and I loved it. I still love Christmas and I really miss my family. I so wish I was with them right now.

   This is going to be a great day..Thank you for being here..



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