Green Envy


  Good day to you wherever you find yourself reading this in the world. I am happy to say that this blog is now being read in more than 10 countries around the world!!! To those of you who have written and asked about when I will sell my journals and so forth, its on the way before the year ends.

   I am just having almost a love affair with this plant and I cannot understand how it started? I just love the simplicity of her, yes her, and she is connecting with me. Her name is Miss Verde. Now I wrote about her a while back, so let's just call this an update.

    So to make a long story short, we had a very windy day a few weeks ago and she feel from my third story kitchen window sill. So I was walking out of my building that day and there she was spread out like a cooked shrimp at a fish fry. I stopped and looked and I immediately picked her up and brought her back upstairs by her roots. I knew that this was a sign to re pot her and give her room to breathe properly. Mind you, this is the first plant that I have ever had for this long that hasn't died early on. This is also the first plant that i actually talk to. It has made a difference, I promise.

    After I had her in a bowl for about 3 days, I had finally found a nice red pot for her. I went to a  store and spoke to a professional and she told me that I need to water her less and put her away soon for the winter. Put her away? I was confused. She said that in this cold period, she would enjoy the darkness of a closet and that she would bloom a flower  afterwards. I was excited by this, so I will be putting her away soon. The purpose of this posting today is this. I have had this plant for almost three years I believe. i have seen it go from nothing to brown leaves. From 4 beautiful arms to one, and then smashed on the ground. I asked her if she would grow back if I got her a beautiful new home. I didn't actually hear her answer, but as you can see, she did.

    A few days ago she had a side that was drooping, so I put a nice chop stick behind her and the next day she had moved off of the chopstick on her own. She is responding to me and my care for her and it truly is amazing. I am looking forward to getting her some friends for the season. For me nature shows us some of the most important lessons that we need in life. One of the most important ones is, when you fall down, always get back up no matter how bad it looks for you. I called this posting Green Envy because I think the only thing that I envy in this world is nature. It has it all and always uses its environment to create its own magic. Sound advice wouldn't you say? When you feel that you are loved or even feel loved or cared for you look and feel good. Miss Verde is back!!!!!

    I think my work here is done.....                                                     Chase


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