Lemonade And Almonds


   Now one thing that I know for sure, we all like to be noticed and paid attention to. I do not mean in an egocentric way, I just mean that we all want to know that we are seen doing something and/or making some mark in this life. If we are praised or told that we are making a difference, it sticks and it shines on way after the comment has been planted. I believe that when we notice another person in this life, we actually send waves of vibrant karma points through the universe. By the way, you get more points by just flowing naturally this way. In other words, when you act like you are doing good just because and you are actually only doing it to get back, you are peacefully voted off the island.

   So there I was in a little gift shop. I was speaking with a young woman that I see every week at the same place at the same time. I always make a point to speak with her and to ask her how her day was and she smiles and always answers me back in a very dry and nonchalant way. There was another person in the store with us about to buy some random things and they they reached over and bought some almonds. So as he was about to pay for the almonds I made a comment that was something like, "wow she let you pay 2 dollars for those almonds?" She usually charges $4 for them. You must be a good friend? I was joking of course because the nuts were $2.00. She then looked at me and smiled and I continued by telling her that she could have just gone along with me and it would have been great!! They both laughed and then I actually picked up two packs of mixed nuts and raisins. She then rung it up and said, "Two dollars please". I looked in amazement. Did she just give me a free bag of nuts for making her laugh or was I going crazy? I looked at her, smiled and then said, "I see how you flipped that back on me". She admitted that she was with her eyes only and I walked out of the store after thanking her.

   In my neighborhood, there is a little diner that I absolutely love. I love it because of two main reasons,  the people are nice and the place is simple and clean. The owner is also one of the nicest owners that I have ever met in my entire life. So I have probably been in this place about 60 times since I have lived here and given them a total of maybe $400 dollars. I have mostly taken people there for brunch or stopped by to pick up some lemonade. I love their homemade lemonade. So their are quite a few people there that know me and they call me by name. One girl will actually say, "Lemonade for you"? , each time that she sees me. Yesterday when I went in to get a lemonade I met a new guy. Actually, he was not new, I just never interacted  with him before. So he said hello and I asked for a lemonade. After he gave it to me he apologized for taking so long because he was tied up when I walked in initially. I told him that it was no problem because everyone that I come into contact with there was always so nice and aware of the guests that come in. He thanked me with a smile and said that that's how it should be. Once again , I told him that I appreciated it. I reached for my money and he said, "That's ok man, its on me". I was taken aback and he told me not to worry about it. The lemonade was $3.00, so I left 2 dollars in the tip jar instead.

     The magic in this posting is that when we are properly engaging with others and they feel it, they almost always want to return the favor in any way that they can. I see this all of the time. I love to give and I also love to see the reaction when its done authentically. I honestly do not plan to receive each time that I give. I do however, work every day to stay in a place of allowing so that what is meant to find me, does. You can practice this at any time. Give it a shot......Be well...


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