Thinking Outside Of The Box

  I am without a doubt fascinated by those who do what others do not do or make a way to do what calls them the strongest. I look for this daily and when I find it, I am very happy. So there I was walking through one of the most stimulating parts of this amazing city. Union Square is a place where there is always a show or a spectacle of some kind. You can donate to the cause or just sit or stand there and be entertained. If you ever come here and are able to spend some time in Union Square, be sure to leave a little donation, it makes a bog difference to each artist.

  As I read the message on this man's box. I had to stop. He told me that he was trained in design and that the had been doing this for quite a while. No when I read it, I was taken by the fact that he was actually doing what he was painting. His hands and the paint where on the outside of the box and he was actually sitting on the inside. What a friendly man and how receptive he was to my questions and to just being an artist who is actually putting it out there.

  I took a step back and thought about how many artists are living their truth to the degree that this man is. I gave my dollar donation and I even gave him my contact info because I want to be connected to people who see life on this plane.  I have not said much about him here because I want you all to visit his site and find out for yourselves. All it takes is to put yourself out there and the rest just happens. Brilliant!!!!

  You can fin out more about my new friend here......@  Outside The Box

 Keep seeking magic, keep looking forward. Nothing behind you is of any use to you right now.



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