The Silent Witness

 Good day all!! I love to be here writing and I am so grateful that you all are here,truly I am. The title of this post came from a random place, a toll booth. That is the name of the system that records you as you are paying your toll before you drive away. I read these words and I instantly received an onslaught of thoughts that relate to those exact words. Think about how many people see you doing things or hear you saying things each and every day that you are completely unaware of? That is a little bit strange in a  certain way right? I always remember what Michele Obama said about Barack. She said that he was doing the right thing even when no one was looking and he had never changed since then.

   What do we do that exposes our character on a daily basis? Are you doing something right now in your life that you feel can only be seen by you and you alone that you are ashamed of or want to change? I asked myself this question and I came up with a few personal things that I could be doing better or just change overall and that is for certain. Does it matter if you do good only when others are looking? Even more importantly, are you doing something that does not match your integrity when others are not looking? We are all full of flaws and we have the same amount of time every day to work on then and to make them less heavy inside of our souls. The issue is, many times we ignore them or deny that they are there and that causes major havoc. I have been on a clearing binge for about 4 months now. This means mostly tangible things, however, I mean habits and people as well.

   So when we are navigating through this incredible life, we are our own silent witnesses. We get to see and judge ourselves way before we judge others. The issue is, we mistake others judging us for us judging ourselves. In short, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. However, the truth of the matter is, most of the people who live in glass houses throw the biggest stones and the stones boomerang back at them in rapid time. What may be offered as opinion could be received as judgement. What is the difference between right and wrong? Only we can decide that for ourselves. I think smoking is wrong, however, millions of people smoke. That is their choice. I love to speak in front of people, yet it is said that public speaking is the #1 fear of humans all around the world. Its all opinion and you have to make yourself happy no matter what.

   When you sit with yourself every day, why is it that sometimes you feel you are doing something wrong, yet you continue to do it because it feels good. Are you keeping it to yourself because you are worried about what others would think or are you making yourself happy and not caring at all what the outside world thinks? Does your inner silent witness make it hard for you later and remind you that you should have made another decision? We tend to be perfectionists on what others will think or say or do in almost every situation when the truth is, the people in question may not even know themselves. I have always heard the expression that you never know until you ask. This relates to everything in my humble opinion.

   So there we have it. The silent witness is always there. We record each and every move that we make in our own mind and then we review it and review it until we are convinced that we have made the right decision or said the right words. Other people continue to influence our paths no matter hat happens. Even people that tell you that they make up their own minds and are no affected by others opinions are not being completely honest with themselves. I am fortunate to pay very close attention to my silent witness. The voice that gives me options upon options upon options to keep me safe. The best part is that it never lies to me and all it wants from me is to never lie to it. I am taking it day by day and I  am getting closer and closer to making that a reality. Keep living small takes too much energy......    



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