The Wisdom Of A 70 Year Young Woman

  I have been blessed to meet a woman a few months ago that is literally a trough full of incredible strength and character. When I speak to her or have the pleasure of being in her presence, I am most certainly listening much more than talking. She comes from a time when the magic of NY was mostly inundated with artists and all that excites and ignites them. Not so different than right now in NY, however, this was when it all began. My good friend is 70 years young and she bounces around her apartment like a youngster in the afternoon who has had way too much candy. Her thoughts and opinions jump out of her mouth without a filter, and most of all, she laughs all of the time.

  This morning I had a conversation with her and she just reminded me of so many things that take away our power in this life. The first one was just how we assume so many things around us are the way that we decide based on our own filter, history, and beliefs. She made reference to the incredible book, The Four Agreements ,which I absolutely love and it made me think very hard afterwards. She also spoke about letting things be in the moment as they are. If something is not to your liking, let it be in that place and not to allow your ego to execute a full on attack against it. Obviously, this is tricky stuff. However, its only tricky because we don't practice it enough, Just like riding a unicycle or juggling 11 balls, or speaking Mandarin.

   Having this conversation with her was a gift as well as a necessity in that moment. My mind can't get enough of these reminders because of all that is out there that seems to be counter to it. My good friend has truly learned form her life thus far and she is always willing to offer some nuggets of clarity. I really enjoy it immensely. We had spoken about a good friend of hers as well, who had told her many years ago that whenever you are upset with someone or holding on to bad energy, that its all in your head. She asked me if I agreed with that and I answered yes for sure. I say this because every time I decide not to be angry or to focus on something else, my mind acts accordingly. It has never gone wrong even once. I plan to interview my good friend here on the blog and share her with you in the very near future. Please stay tuned for that.

    I am grateful to have received a few slices of wisdom from this magical human being. It felt like I had just ingested 3 fat, juicy, pieces of watermelon on a very hot day at the beach, truly. Those who have been here on the earth longer than us have many things to teach and many pieces of advice that could save us from harm. Those of us who have been here the same amounts of time have things to teach us as well, just different things. She is a true warrior to me in so many ways. Thank you...



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