Happy And Present In The Moment

  Every now and then I like to take a walk with a child. It has to be one of the most consistent exercises for any human being to do to understand true living in the moment. There is nothing else going on except what is happening in the moment. They will not reach for their cell phone or act as though they are paying attention when they are not or even hint at not being honest with you. Time with a child is brutally real and magically rewarding. Of course, some would say that it depends on what child you spend time with as well. I still say that it is like a master class in true attentiveness and being in the moment.

  I took about a 35 minute walk with the young girl above in her neighborhood. We walked and talked and even held hands for about 5 minutes. She was so happy to be out in the day and to just be in the moment. During the walk, these are the things that she commented on:

  • First she noticed a dead bird on the grass. (Of course we had to get close and investigate.)
  • Then she picked up a flower from the ground and placed in in her hair.
  • At one point she darted onto someone's grass to get another flower. I stopped her and explained that it was not nice to step on to other people's property and take things. She understood and retreated.
  • About 5 minutes later, she asked if we could go and get ice cream. I had left my money inside, she asked if maybe we could get some later. It wasn't even a thought to just let it go.
  • I would say 10 minutes later, she asked if we could go back and see the dead bird again. That was peculiar to me, but so cute in another way.
  • She asked me if I remembered how to get back. I told her that I certainly did. She asked me if I was sure and I told her that I was 100% sure. 
  • I also loved the fact that she told me how pretty the houses were and she even pointed out her favorite one in the area. I asked her why she liked it and she said that the trees were so big.
  • I really loved how she plotted to extend the walk by telling me that we had to see the houses on the adjacent street. This meant that she was enjoying herself in my opinion. 
  • Before we left for the walk, she picked up her mom's ipad. I was against this, but I could not get her to leave it. Then right before we returned, she told me to sit with her on the step and play an "ant" game. I am sure that she had that planned from the beginning, brilliant.
     The last statement that I recall before we entered the house again was, "Isn't this a beautiful day?' I agreed with her and before I could sit down on the sofa, she had a book in her hand for me to read with her.

     This was not just a walk, it was a wake up call for me in many ways. I do look for the magic in every day and I am happy and grateful and so many more things. However, she showed me how to do it almost on auto pilot and with a smile on her face. After the walk, I saw her the same way that I do when I see Mikhail Baryshnikov do 8 consecutive pirouettes without missing a beat, flawless. The only difference was, he worked his entire life to get his craft to that level and this little girl has only been on this planet for less than 6 years.

      Taylor is the name of this young bundle of magic. She is as sharp as a tack and as honest as Simon Cowell "ALL" of the time. If you don't want to know the truth, do no task her the question. By the way, she did not pose for this picture. I snapped it while she was not looking. I think that it really sums up this posting to a "T".

                                                     Childlike presence "RESET" is now in session!!!!!



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