The Book Purchasing Diet


   So its not secret to anyone that knows me, I am a book addict. I crave knowledge like a donut junkie walking past Krispy Kreme, but I guess there are worse things in life right? So I decided to test myself for the remainder of the year. I will not buy any more books online or in person until the start of 2013. I will reevaluate myself then and see what happens. Now you might be asking why this challenge for myself? The answer is very much like many other things around us, we have more than we need in our minds as well as in the tangible realm to do almost anything that we want in this life, however, we keep reaching outside of ourselves to find happiness or a feeling of being "complete". Please do not misunderstand me though, I am very happy with my life in many ways. I just realize that I have been amassing a colossal library for quite a while now and I am going to really get inside of it for the rest of the year.

    The story is that I officially started this yesterday. So as with any other decision that I have made in my life up to this point, as soon as you make the decision, things begin to test you almost immediately. This morning I was taking a walk to my neighborhood cleaners and there were at least 5 different neighbors on the block next to mine displaying every book that they do not want of need anymore. The book were 50 cents and 1 dollar. Now I do not need to tell you that this was just a feeding frenzy for my brain. Then at the moment that I started to thumb through the titles, I heard a voice remind me of what I had told myself. Actually, I even wanted to buy a book yesterday, but then I decided to go online and reserve it at the library. In this way, I could read it and then bring it back without purchasing it or storing it in my home!!!However, today I actually picked up the book and asked how much it was.  It was only a dollar and I decided to go and take care of my errand and then come back afterwards.

    Upon my return to the steps of this brownstone, the book was gone! I also left out part of the story. We spoke about the book, this woman and I, which happened to be a book on how to buy the best groceries and make the best, healthy food for your system. She told me that the book was put out by a popular place in Michigan called Zingerman's I believe. The book appealed to me because of the many colors on the cover and the easy going vibe that it gave off. I had decided to actually give the book to a great woman that I know who was just asking me about great recipes and so forth. I felt that if I had bought it for someone else, it would also not be in my home and I would have done something for someone else. What happened next was very interesting.

    This very nice woman told me that after I walked away, she realized that she did not want to get rid of that book and that she would be keeping it. Now just 30 minutes or so before that moment, the book was sandwiched between several other titles and no where at all on the radar  of this woman's brain. So I asked her what happened,? Being the curious Aries soul that I am, I just had to know what had shifted in that short period of time. She just simply explained that after explaining to me how great that place was that produced the book, she realized that she really did enjoy the book and wanted to keep it. I thought about this little situation and it occurred to me how we pay more attention to things that we lose  or that are taken away from us sometimes more than we do to the things that are right in front of us and accessible at all times. The fear of loss is a very real and recognizable thing indeed.

   This whole interaction was magic to me because this woman had actually demonstrated how we should be more grateful for what we have already as opposed to seeking more from the outside. What's interesting, is that she was cleansing out her book collection as she was confronted with this feeling. I took the entire situation as a sign that I am going to stay on my path. I will accept a book if it is given to me, or take a book out from the library, or take it back from someone that I have lent it to. This seems like it will be a very interesting journey until 2013. I will keep you updated.

   So when was the last time you went to your bookshelf and picked up a book that you bought but never read through? Take a few minutes and do this and send me any comments or feeling about it when you can below. Thank you for reading....



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