Underground Performance Masters


  Last evening I was on the train coming home and I was entertained once again my yet another singer. This woman was unique in the fact that she sang at the top of her lungs while her headphones were on and she did not care how loud she was or who enjoyed it. I saw her on the platform before I entered the train. She was there speaking very outlandishly with some people that she did not know and they were so fascinated by her. Truth be told, everyone was staring at her in the general vicinity. She spoke of her money and her sexual orientation and all of these random things. We were all taken by her.

   So I entered the train. I was not ready for what happened next. The same woman had sat about 7 feet from me, placed her headphones on, and decided to sing "Anything For You" by Gloria Estefan. Now when I tell you that she sang it in full voice, this is truly an understatement. She caused three different people to change their seat in the first 5 seconds. Here in NY, you are rendered unstable in about that amount of time if you decide to carry on this way. The thing that I love about the die hard New Yorkers is, they have the tolerance of a bulldog. There were eyes that rolled, positions that shifted, and even some laughs, but it was all taken in stride.

   I found the whole scenario so interesting because no matter what, we were all getting more than our $2.50 fare had promised. The entertainment value shot through the roof with this woman. She looked straight ahead and never even once gave an energy to the laughs or the jeers at all. As one song ended another began. I heard three different tunes from front to back with many of her personalized riffs that went on way past the norm. She sang with so much passion!! Although I did not particularly care for her voice, I had received yet another lesson in doing what you want to do not matter what anyone else says. I loved every minute of it. I was about to video it, however, my gut told me to just be in the moment, so that is what I did..

   Being an underground subway musician is a very popular thing right now. It has been going on for years, however, the city has now given them license to do it in a more organized way. There are actual banners that some of the musicians have with their name and website on them and everything!!! If you think about it, the subway musician is providing such a haven from the normal subway experience. They bring joy through songs and even dance and comedy. What is that worth at the end of the day? If each person that saw a musician or performer of any kind that they liked and gave 50 cents or a dollar, think of how that could change that person's life financially?

   The video that I have posted is of one of my favorite musicians that I have seen singing in the subway. Her name is Samantha Marguiles. This was the video that I liked the best of her. Can you imagine how many lives this young woman would touch if the right person exposed her to the world? I am doing my part to expose her to all of my readers, As far as that other woman, she inspired me and gifted me with her version of her magic and that was all that I needed....



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