Sensitive Feet Over Hot Coals

   There are so many indicators around us as to what makes us move quicker, run faster from our goals, and even hide from accountability. We are constantly pressed up against some sort of opposition and that will never change. The magic in that though, is that we can choose to learn from it and soldier on no matter what. I read somewhere that the first time you do something its a mistake and after that its a habit. That statement has never ever left my brain. So undoubtedly when we find ourselves revisiting the same set of circumstances in life, we have to make the best choice for ourselves no matter what things are planted in our heads by others who always have our best interests at heart.

    When the coals of life are too hot, does it make sense to keep going to gain strength from these times or to move to a different path? Can good come from a bad situation? Yes it can. Can bad come from a good situation? Yes, it can. So the question remains, what is the right path in any given situation? I can honestly say that the gut always knows no matter what the situation is , no matter who or what it involves. The quagmire is that you can only see as far into the future as your current reality (that you create) allows you to. Put differently, what has happened before usually gives you more or less vision, clarity, or faith for the future. Your past cannot dictate your future unless you give it an open invitation to do so though, by the way.

    As I have been experiencing some amazingly powerful sensations within myself about growth as an artist and as a young man, I have also been concentrating on some Spring/Summer cleaning of the mental sort. Listening more to others instead of just waiting for my turn to talk. Observing twice as much when I am confronted with toxic energy from those that I do not know before reacting, and mostly really being clear about what truly makes my soul gyrate the most fluidly. This is opening up quite a bit of colorful thoughts as well as some thoughts that I want to dial down a little bit. It's all in the process though and that will never change.

    I noticed some signs the other day as I walked through the city and they gave me pause. Here they are..

            The magic is everywhere if you just look for it. We are all being tested, all of us.



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