Liquid Mental Solutions

  I had to blog about this because it fascinated me to no end. We have so many things that are marketed to us from day to day, but this one really got me. This is a man who studied 38 basic negative states of mind and created a corresponding plant or flower based remedy for each one!!! His name is Dr.Edward Bach.This is truly magic in my book, or is it? I mean can it be proven that these little serums work? I am just taken by them. I saw them at the food coop that I am a member of and I want to try one just because. Here is a photo of three that I picked out.
   So the one on the far left says, Helps you listen to and empathize with others rather than being overly concerned and talkative about your own affairs. Is that an incredible sentence or what!!!!!???

   The middle one says, Instills a greater sense of self esteem when you feel inferior, fear failure, or lack confidence.That is just amazing!!!

   Lastly, the third one says,  allows you to develop your natural leaderships skills without being domineering or inflexible.

   I can tell you right now, this is one of the most interesting things that I have ever seen in my life, So, I am going to commit to doing some research on it and I will follow up with all of you for sure. I am adding a link below so that you can find out more about this obviously outside of the box thinking man!!!

Dr. Edward Bach

Keep being curious!!!! It will always make for more interesting days for the rest of your lives!!!!



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