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   How many times a day, a month, or a year, do you really check what's going on around around you? Where your money goes? What amounts of time you are spending on things that are not advancing you in your life? Who are you putting in control of things that you may not have time for and do you really trust them 100%? I have been n a state of checking certain things more regularly lately and today confirmed that it is a very good idea to do so.

  I will not say the name of the organization because I do not want to slander then at all. They are responsible for sending me a check for the services that I provide for them. There is also another group of people that I actually pay so that I am aware of anything that goes a wry with the first group. Well, it just so happens that I was being charged twice!!! Once by the people that I provide a service to and once by the people who I pay to keep me protected!! How does this happen you might ask? I do not have the answer to that, however, as soon as I saw it on a little stub, I made a quick call. I found out that I was charged about $70 over what I was supposed to be charged. If I had not checked, it would have gotten right by me.

  There are several of types of lingo that deal with checking. There's cross checking, spot checking, quick checking, spell checking and so forth. The question is when are you checking out of sheer paranoia versus checking just to keep things in order. Over billing is going on all over the place and until we check it, we will never know will we? Have you ever given a cashier $20 and they thought that you gave them $10? I mean you actually got home and then realized it? That happened to me a very long time ago, however, to this day, I count my change. How about this one, you order some food and take it home with you and then realized that they forgot a part of the order. Who do they believe? You could have just eaten the merchandise and asked for another one and they could have put it in the bag. Who has the upper hand here?

   In closing, checking costs nothing but the time it takes to follow through with the action. You will be surprised from time to time to see that some money has gone missing from your "actual" check, or maybe even a key part to a process that has to go as planned or else. Directions should be checked. Auto pay should be checked. The gas tank should be properly checked. Your ego should always be checked, twice. The amount of times that I have checked any given thing and been surprised that it was not as I thought it should have been is baffling!!!If it was not done by you, that is grounds for checking it. If it was done by you, that is grounds for checking it. By the way, you are being checked on by many people all of the time. The real deal is that you do not know who is doing it, why they are doing it, or what they are doing with the information after they retrieve it.

   So why this posting today?I wanted to check in on you so that you can check in on your life. Do not sleep on the details that surround you. Check up complete.  Keep reaching....





Anonymous said…
This blog is making me think and making me happy all at the same time. Thank you!!!!!

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