Dance Magic

  I have been a fan of dance my entire life. I have embraced singing, dancing, and playing instruments in a large fashion and it brings me incredible joy to have these things in my life. I am still fascinated by how any combination of these things can change the mood at any given moment. In NyC, we are more comfortable with seeing the strange and outlandish than we are with the normal everyday things. People here are living in an incredibly outward fashion almost all of the time. This is what makes me love this city more than any other city on earth.

  The guy in this video is just amazing to me. Not because he is dancing, but because how he sees it and what he delivers to everyone. This energy is just so soothing to me and I am sure that it will make you smile. If nothing else, maybe it will cause you to go out and do that thing that is maybe holding you back. Just remember, its probably because you are in your own way in the end. Class is in session. Check this video out......

Stay on top of your passions..........                                                



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