Wisdom Of The Pearl


   I often read stories of struggle and how it was because of the struggle that the end result came to be. The things that seem effortless in life are generally the ones that do not endure in the end. This is not to say that when things come easy that they are not enjoyable or worthwhile, mind you. Generally, I hear people say that they are used to their struggle and that they have just accepted it and learn how to live with it without making an effort to overcome it. Therefore they are left right where they are never to see the light. This is so very common but not in any way necessary, but that depends on who you ask.

   I had some very deep thoughts this evening about certain challenges that are around me in the present moment and I immediately thought of the pearl. It is a unique thing because it is grown by a live oyster and not mined from the land like some metals or gemstones. When it reveals itself for the first time, it is in its most perfect state. So where am I going with this you may ask? Well the journey from oyster to pearl is much like our journey in life. It begins as just an unknown or foreign object that situates itself inside the body of an oyster and cannot be taken out. At this point there is a fluid of sorts that is actually hard, which is sent to this area so has to protect itself. For as long as the foreign object stays there, the oyster continues to release this hard substance and it builds up around it layer after layer. Then after time the original foreign object is completely covered with this crystal like substance and the pearl is born and it is a stunning sight to say the least.

    The point is that it does not come to life if their is no irritation over time that gives it a stronger and stronger protective coating to where it is now. It is only strong and beautiful because of the process. We are exactly like this as humans. We get hired or we do not. We catch the bus or we miss it. We pass the test or we fail it. We find love or we find its polar opposite. But through it all, we take the temporary or even prolonged irritation and we tuck it away in our mental backpack until we are strong enough or brave enough or bold enough to emerge as a pearl.The name of the substance that creates the pearl is called "nacre". The name of the component that creates the pearl in a human is called experience. When the time is right, all things fall into there correct order.

     I draw from the story of the pearl when I am met with a challenge sometimes and it keeps me present to the real possibilities instead of the artificial and frequently invented imitation ones. There is a reason why the square shape does not fit into the circle one. Why the match cannot light when its wet, or why you can drag a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. The pearl lets us know that when things go a little sour around you, just remember that you are being polished at the same time and you will eventually be shiny and flowing wilder than ever based on all that has brought you to this point. Shine on.......



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