Musical Magicality Times 20

      I cannot explain how the power of music has kept my life on a high for several years. Wherever I go, all I need to do is just close my eyes and the music is right there in my mind. Music is everywhere in our lives of course and it goes without saying that there is no way for any of us to escape it. Have you ever gone out into your day and not heard music? I can tell you that the answer is no. It is impossible for you not to have heard at least a piece of a melody or a voice in some way or another. This fact is one of the most soothing facts in my opinion. Music follows us every day in every way no matter where we are in the world.

     There is a book that I have read called Musicophilia, Tales Of Music And The Brain  written by a man named Oliver Sachs. This is the man that is in this video talking about the way music gets inside of us. I highly recommend this book to all music lovers. It has some truly fascinating studies in it. As I watched this video above I really felt a warm feeling inside because I know that this experience is real in every way. When I am on stage, I look out into the audience and I can tell that people are being soothed as well as being reminded of happy and maybe even sad times from the past. Music plants a seed that never ever needs to be watered, yet it continues to grow. Actually, music is always watering your soul, its just that even if you never heard any more music for the rest of your life, the emotions that are connected to it will always remain.

       Just a few days ago I was reminded of a song that I used to sing years ago. I sang the song to myself and never in public. The song was called "Foolish Heart" by Steve Perry. At the time that this song was popular, it was all over the place. As the song was mentioned, I heard the melody in my mind. The song was not playing at all, yet I could hear the melody in my mind. This may be in part that I am a musician and my mind has several thousands of melodies stored as well. However, there is undoubtedly another connection that is somewhat unexplainable. I also felt a bit of sadness related to this song because I instantly remembered going through some sort of heartbreak when this song was at its peak. The brain stores everything in one little place and can bring it back up in a millisecond. I was so much younger, so it was not that serious, however, back then it was major stuff.

        This video moved me beyond words. I am sure that you will have your own sensations as you watch it. I had to share it with all of you. Music is one of the highest forms of magic that I know for sure. Just as a test exercise, think of the year that you were in your final year of high school. Go to itunes or youtube and pull up the hit songs from that year. Listen to a few of them and tell me what sensations come up. It is amazing what happens!! I am so proud to be living my life side by side with my passion for music. Take some time to really listen to some good music today. Be well....





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