Biting Off More Than You Construe

   In plain simplicity, this is a big one. Every day I listen to at least one person tell their story about something that went on with them or with some other person or both in a less than favorable way. There is so much to learn from this little exercise because we are all so intertwined at the end of the day anyway right? As I told a close relative about a situation that I was having a bit of trouble with, he gave me an answer that I would have given to someone else. The only difference was, I needed to hear it from someone else at that very moment and I did.

    What we see and try to make sense of is usually based on our own rules and that is almost always true. I can tell you with the most blatant honesty that we will all see things differently no matter how long any of us live. I chose to write this post because I am becoming more and more aware of how I see things vs how they may really be. There are so many things that are said that are ultimately misconstrued in the end. Its at this point we tend to retrace our thoughts and dissect how we got to the place that we are now. It just takes a small misreading or an assumption to push things totally out of focus.

     Last week I was in the presence of a woman who I had met about a year ago and she is very well respected by many. She is revered for her tenacity and follow through amid a myriad of unfortunate circumstances that have somehow found their way to her over and over again. Each and every time that I saw her in the vicinity of me, it was very difficult to get her attention because everyone wanted to take a picture with her or to have a few moments of her time. When I finally got to have a moment with her, I thanked her for her stories and her strength once again. However, my ego stepped in and was dissatisfied with her attentiveness with me. He body was turned sideways as if she wanted to dart away and her face told me that she was a little bit bored with the exchange. This was all in my head. She did not say any of this, nor can I confirm any of it.

     We actually misconstrue several things that move around us from what is said to us, said about us, and even said about others. In the moment that I described above, I had expected a different outcome and then when I did not get it, I created a short CBS mini series right between my ears. When I reached that point, it was game on, seat belts fastened, and positions for the voice in my head to speak. This gave me pause later in the evening and I forgave myself for allowing things to get out of hand. It took seconds for this to happen, so I had to recognize it and put it to rest.

     How many things do we blow out of proportion based on something so small or unimportant? How many things do we take from our own demons and bad experiences and place them on others without them knowing? You cannot judge a book by its cover and you cannot seriously intend to completely understand another person by just having one short conversation with them. More patience, more presence, more possibilities, more compassion, less thinking that we truly know for sure what is going on in the mind of others at any given time. I have been fooled over and over again.....Clean slate as of right now, or should a say a "cleaner" slate..





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