My Day Of Birth

   It comes very year on the same day. It does not matter what day of the week that day fall on, it happens. You are reminded that you made it another year in this incredible amusement park that we call life. I call it that because I am constantly amused with all that goes on in this park! On this day a flood of well wishes come through in many ways. Now that we are living in a world where communication is available in a multitude of ways, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Just think, at one time when it was your birthday, you only heard well wishes in your home or over the phone. Now there can be 6 different ways or more to receive those sentiments.

   This day is not so much my age as it is the point that I am in my soul. I feel 15 years younger than I am on paper. However, how am I supposed to know what this age feels like if I have never been here? I am here now and I like how it feels, so that is what matters. My body feels clear and fluid and my mind is stimulated in so many ways. I just received an out of state call from a diving soul on my life and just hearing her appreciation for having me in her life was just as good as a present to me. That is the stuff that you cannot explain in the end, you just feel it.

   I did not arrange a get together or anything today. I just wanted to be with my own vibe and take the journey in a more impromptu way. Next year I will do something uncommon on my birthday that is yet to be decided. I was thinking earlier about how nice it is to celebrate others even when its not their birthday. Have you ever been to a party or a get together in honor or another person and watched their happiness? It's priceless.

   I thought about my mother and father today and how it must have felt for them to have me and what changed in them that morning at 7:38 am on a Sunday? Were they scared or were they confident that they would provide for me in the best way that they could? I remember so much from my first few years, so I am sure that they sent nothing but the best vibrations to me daily. If I could go back to that time with the brain that I have today and just spend a day inside of my body on any day of my first year alive, I am sure that it would be so incredible to view. We have all come from a foundation of some kind and it has shaped us in a very profound way..

    So there it is! I am here, healthy, happy, grateful, glowing, still curious, still hungry for knowledge, still a student inside this bubble of existence. I vow to maintain this momentum for many years to come. What a magic life I have.  I appreciate you all.....


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