Magic Journals!!!!


   I love to work with my hands. If I can create with my hands, it makes me feel as though I am floating. I will even go as far to say that I love it as much as I love to perform on the stage. When I get to see the reaction of the person that holds one of my creations, it calms me in a way that I cannot describe with mere words. An idea begins in my brain and then I just run with it and learn along the way. The lessons that arrive are always rich and full of wild discovery! As long as I do not get concerned with perfection, it works out almost every time.  I recently built the bed that I sleep in and it makes me smile to know that I made my bed and lie in it.

   Here are some pictures of my journals that I photographed recently. They are now for sale and I am excited to send them around the world. Each one of them is made by hand from materials that would have been otherwise thrown away. The photos were all taken by me and they will be up on a website very shortly. These mean so much to me because they are full of New York images and they are bright and full of life! The pages are random, recycled pages with little messages, and so forth. There are even some quotes laced inside of a few of them, and I have my personal stamps with my name and favorite quote in it. 

   The journals will be $20 on the site when it goes up, however, for my readers here, it will be $14 plus shipping. They are the size of a 5x7 picture. If you are interested in having one or more for gifts, please send an email with the subject line HANDMADE JOURNAL to my personal email, which is I will then give you order instructions. I have been asked by several of you to expose my creations to you, so here they come!!! Thank you for all of the support.



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