Law Of Attraction Bliss!!!

  There is always someone somewhere summoning a different vibe in their life. I speak with people daily that are sending a myriad of signals to me and at times it is overwhelming to say the very least. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend who truly speaks to my listening and it was pure magic. She spoke to me about how she was down for so long and then she just picked up, changed her geography along with her son and flipped her whole life dynamic for the better. It was just so inspiring to feel the energy of her resilience and her steadfast, bulldog determination. I introduced her to an incredible group of people that were looking for sharp individuals just like her and now she is aligned with them as well. It all just fit into place.

    After speaking with her at length over the past week or so, the most prominent statement that she continued to make at different intervals was that she had attracted all of the things that are happening right now. She made it clear that she thought of me quite a bit and had wanted to call me and then I called her! The timing was impeccable in every sense of the word. When we had initially reconnected, we spoke of her down time and how she did not reach out to anyone or allow herself to be seen in that state. I told her that she could always reach out to me no matter what state that she was in, however, she let me know that she had built an impenetrable wall during this time. I was quiet and I concentrated on the forward motion.

    We sat and we exchanged ideas for a few moments and then I asked her to get a pen and a piece of paper so that I could open up my Pandora's Box of stored juicy information for her. I love to share my knowledge with those who truly are open to it. I am not a guru, I am just an intensely focused giver who will stop at nothing to be a catalyst in another human being's path to a brighter vision or a more fulfilling life. She and I had a ball and I was actually a bit taken back at how much information I had filled her page up with after an hour or so. One of my favorite mentors always says, "study, practice, and teach". I am loving the results that are showing up all over the place!!

    In closing, we are all attracting something each and every day. I hear many people say that they did not ask for what they have and the more that I study it, the more I see that this is not true. I see things around my own life that are challenging me at this very moment and I realize that I am the only one that can take ownership of them. So what are you attracting right now in your life? Are your complaints justifiable? Can you say that you are using all of your abilities to make a difference for you and/or others? Sit with yourself and ask those questions.If you would like to read another take on the law of attraction please click on the link that I have attached below. I read this blog quite a bit too. I am interested in what you all think of this man's viewpoint.

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 Thank you for spending some of your precious time here. It means the world to me.        Chase


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