An Extra Day


 Yesterday was the extra day in the leap year. I saw many articles and references to it around town. Each time that I read something that talked about the leap year, I thought to myself, what if I really did have more time"? I mean what if a day was 48 hours, a week was 14 days, a month was 60 days and a year was then 730 days? Would the time allow us to accomplish more and live fuller? Would deadlines seem softer and create less stress? Would we appreciate things more every day because we knew that we had twice as long to enjoy it?

    I have read many times that time shrinks and expands in direct relation to how much time we think that we have. In other words, if you are given a tight deadline, you will sprint like crazy to get it done if it means anything to you. However, if you are given lots of time, you will lounge for almost 80% of the time thinking that you will get to it later with no stress. It is definitely true that there are those who will just go for things in the same fashion no matter how much time they are given. I have always been interested in these little facts about human behavior and I notice so much of it that is actually so accurate.

    Lately, I have been paying more attention to how I spend my time which is why this extra day talk brigade appealed to me. A few days in every week I wish that I had more time. Then later on after sleeping or meditating or mellowing out, I realize that I decided how I spent every minute of every day. So in retrospect, I have to be more intentional and I am sure that it will change for the better. I have a method that helps me to be in control of my day that works 90% of the time. Its called, plan each day before it starts. Every night that I write a list of all of the things that must get done inside of the next waking 12 hours or so before I go to sleep, it almost always get done in a timely fashion.

    Life seems to keep throwing things at us that are so irrelevant to our greater good, however, if we get too close to those things, we get distracted and miss the target. So that's my confession, at times over stimulation from periphery things slow me down. I mean well, however, I am learning to curb it. The magic of all of this though is that we do not need more time, we need more focus. I am definitely still in class when it comes to this. If we accomplished the things that we really don't want to do in the first half of the day, the second half is so much easier, in my opinion. If we had more time, we generally would produce more distractions as well. I know individuals who have less time than me and accomplish more and I know people who have more time than me and accomplish less. So that is a clear indication that time is all about how you spend it.

    Its now time for me to end this posting. I have taken this time to get this out because my internal voice let me know that I had not written in the passed 3 days or so. Was I too busy? Was I stuck for words? Was I engaged in other things that are advancing my career? No, no , and no. I just let my mind trick me into thinking that I was too caught up with other things, therefore, it did not get done. Reality check complete. Challenge your assumptions. They hate when you do that........Peace




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