The Art Of Moving


   This is a posting that could possibly be very long winded, just a warning. I speak to many of my closest friends about moving quite frequently. When I say moving, I mean the actual moving through your life and not getting to caught up on things that do or do not go the way that you planned them to, as well as actually moving from one job, home, or relationship to another. There is so much that goes on inside of me as it relates to all of this.

  Let's start with moving from one home or apartment to another. I have fresh feelings about this because I helped a dear friend move over the past few days for a total of about 10 hours or so and it was very eye opening. First, let me start by saying that we all have our own method in which we move from one place to another. Some people hire a moving company and leave the house and wait for the movers at their new location. Others may pack meticulously and then wait for the moving company to retrieve the boxes and then ride with them to the new home and so on and so forth.

   It is also said that your best friends in this life will always be the people who pick you up from the airport, or help you move. I have heard that from people for years now. So there I was helping my friend and it actually made me think of what I own and if I am using everything to my fullest potential. My friend must have thrown away at least 20 plastic bags of pure non used or damaged housewares. There was also a water situation that damaged things prior as well as a long standing mold issue, but that was beside the point. Anyhow, what I am getting at is that moving exposes you. It allows you to see what you are holding on to from a material sense or better yet, what is holding on to you?

   When I think about actually moving, I see and feel myself as being very light and ready to go at all times. I am not referring to my apartment right now, I am talking about my actual physical body. So what makes a body heavy and unable to go at a moments notice? Its usually either your food intake or your emotional intake. So that brings us back to my original statement about moving along in your life. If we stay focused on that which drains us, we cannot move fast. If we amass too many material things over time, we cannot move fast either. On the other hand, moving keeps us from staying rooted long enough to feel the fruits of our labors in some ways. However, if you only had what you loved and what you needed, you could travel often and not be weighed down by the trivial and inconsequential things.

   I remember when I was traveling around the world. I lived in a cabin on a cruise ship that was so small that when I got up to go to the bathroom, I only had to take two more steps to actually be inside of it! Sit with that for a moment. Anyhow, I remember how little clothing I had and how little music I had. All I had was my essential clothing and some books, my stereo, my camera and some toiletries. I was so completely happy every day and it had nothing to do with my possessions. So I was asking myself repeatedly as I helped my friend move, what am I holding on to and why? I do get some answers and they were quite clear to me. My mind told me to keep appreciating what I have and to give away or clear out what I am not using, because it is certainly weighing me down.

   In closing, I believe moving is like getting therapy for your material items. It all has to move from where it is, however, when you get to the new place, it does not have to all make it there. We know what fits us and what doesn't. What we wear and what we don't. What things have never been used in the past year not even once. It's time to start moving so that we can have a clearer view of what is truly feeding our souls. Staying in one place means that the view will never ever change. My apologies for the ten day lapse. I have truly missed the sharing, but I can tell you without a doubt that my body, mind, and soul have been thoroughly engaged. I will chalk another year up in about 4 days. Time sure flies when you are passionately and continually moving....


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