Who Do You Think You Are?


   I know that many of us have heard that question in less than favorable situations, but have you ever really stopped to think about that? How many of our actions are based upon who we think that we really are? For example, I know someone who thinks that they are one of the most beautiful women in NYC! This woman has so much energy and spirit that she floors me whenever I see her. I almost cannot stop listening to her when she speaks because what is seen on the outside is not even half as powerful as what is on the inside! This woman that I speak of is in a wheelchair and she is almost always placed into a category that wants to define her. The incredible thing is, after meeting her, you have to take inventory on your own attitude and what you think about yourself. She just happens to be beautiful as well.

   From the time that we are born we are looked at as the most beautiful beings on earth from our parents perspective. If you were fortunate enough to hear how perfect, loving, pretty, handsome, or cute you were up until your adult life, then you have had many blessings bestowed upon you. I know what you may be thinking now, so what if you did not hear those things at all? That is why I am writing this post!! I keep on hearing people that are close to me act as if they are not powerful, capable, limitless, and most of all worthy of a truly exciting life. The other thing is that many times we are not even who we think we are. If we could just have the ability to step back and look at ourselves as we live, I am sure we would be blown away. I am not the expert here, I am just planting seeds.

    Today I was sitting in an amazing seminar that is connected to an incredible project that I have been involved with for the past two years. I sat in the front as I always do. At a certain point, a saw a woman walking towards me that I recognized. I was seated and paying attention to what the speaker said and frankly I did not think that she was coming to me. About 4 seconds after that, she was right next to me. What happened next really moved me. This woman walked all the way across the room to give me some of her figs. She said that she was so happy after the other day when I shared my figs with her before our gathering that she wanted to share some of hers with me. I thought, how did she see me about 15 rows up in the far corner? Also, why did she choose that moment in the middle of everything to reach out to me?

     At that moment, I told myself that I was a giving individual who truly can touch others sometimes without even being aware of it. That's who I was in that moment. I also realize that moments don't define us, many moments combined over time do though. That moment made me happy and it delivered me to a place of calm and serenity in the midst of a crowded room full of people and then it was over. Then later on, a great friend introduced me to his new girlfriend and he told her that I was the guy that wrote a blog about him. Once again, someone was showing me that they were moved by something that I had done and the moment tasted like honey for the second time in a period of two hours.

     In closing, I challenge you to really think about who you are and how what you bring into the world every day can help or hurt others. I heard a quote today that was related to business. The quote was, are you making me money or costing me money?"  Those words were thought provoking to me. I remembered when I had taken the Landmark seminar, they always spoke about what possibility was available as it relates to who you were being. That always stays with me no matter where I go. I hope that this posting finds you in a place of clarity and new found discovery. Thank you for being here....



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