Understanding Love


   This is a dangerous two words to pair up, I realize this. Recently, there has been so much talk of this popular four letter word that is omnipresent as well as very misunderstood. I am not in anyway suggesting that I know what it is that I speak of with any authority or resolve, I just have some random thoughts about it. When we are paired up with another kindred spirit and our hearts are open and sharing in an intimate setting, it is called "making love".  However, when we covet something or some person from afar or even near, it is called being "in love". But of course when our emotions change, we are said to be "out of love". These transitions and definitions can be very confusing.

    On another plane, the word love is used very casually and sometimes not so respectfully. These times are so obvious to most people, yet we let them slide over and over again. I believe that the deepest expression of love does not have to be spoken outwardly, although doping so is also soothing. I have had times in my life when I could feel love from another person over the phone as well as in the written letter. It is an atmosphere, a certain connection, a wavelength, an invisible heat seeking mental missile of energy. When it reaches you there is no question that it has arrived and is now a part of you. How we deal with it is so complex for some and so easy for others. We will always be learning about love as long as we are alive here on earth.

     In my humble opinion, everything that moves is subject to the influence of love. Without it, many things will perish and many things will dry up from malnourishment. There are people in my life that are continually showing me their love and appreciation for our unique connection and then there are those who truly require loads of constant replenishing to stay afloat based on having been depleted by several others in the past. This statement is across the board and not just for relationship purposes. I am becoming more and more attuned to the fact that we all love in different ways at different times. Just as a sweater or a pair or pants is not made to fit every figure the same way, neither is the giving, receiving, or displaying of love.

     So when you love, are you doing it with abandon or with kid gloves on? When someone tells you that they love you, does it challenge you or do you immediately feel that you must reciprocate in kind? Indications of love can be placed everywhere in the physical and in the mental portholes of our lives. Can you show love to someone and it appears as though it is the opposite? If a person is coming from a skewed viewpoint, you may very well not be able to be the catalyst that clears their vision in order to see what you are offering. The magic in this moment for me is that I do feel so very much love within me and I am careful how it is released on one hand, yet the faucet from which it drips is continually open to all.

    Have you ever wondered how a particular song just comes to mind and then you start humming or singing it? I just wondered how this group of thoughts arrived under my fingertips? Some things just need to flow I guess. Be well and remember to love more just because it beats the alternative. I will certainly be posting a part 2 to this in the near future....



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