Yesterday, Today.

   What happened yesterday is gone. Today is happening now. My practice was incredible yesterday as I was in between two very powerful yogis that I highly respect for my 26th day. One was the owner of the studio who is just a pit bull of determination and strength mixed with undying love and the other was one of the most beautiful energies in a female that you will ever see. I took it as a building up to my 30th day to have them on either side of me. I felt there energies shooting through me from either side and it was so divine.

    This post is very short and simple today. I am grateful and I am open to the possibilities that lie ahead. The rain is falling and I am about to go out into a dark and overcast day. However, inside I am glowing with anticipation for what's to come. Smile and make it happen just the way that you would like it to my good friends....



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