They Were Still There

   Today was the 10th day in a row of my yoga challenge and I am feeling like my body is thanking me every minute. Walking in that room and not knowing exactly how your body will react is just indescribable. The one thing that you do know however, is that you are growing and stretching the body to new heights and the mind to new points of reference. The journey is soothing me beyond measure. We are always stronger than we think we are. There is always a little more inside of us when we want to quit in any given situation.

    Yesterday as I got ready for my class I dropped my wallet case on the floor. After dropping it a couple of the cards flew out of it. I picked them up and shoved them back inside and went about my business. I had an amazing class as usual and I left and carried on with the rest of my day. Later on in the day, I reached for my case and popped it open. To my surprise, my main credit card and another card was gone! So I immediately rewound the mental tape in my head and I kept remembering how I had dropped it earlier and that I did put the cards back into it. However, I also remembered that when it dropped, I was looking away and that I had not actually seen it hit the ground. Therefore, the cards had to be under the very thin edge of the radiator next to the lockers.

    Now if you are following me correctly, I dropped this case in the dressing room of a yoga studio. There had to have been about 50 people minimum that had been in that room after me. At that moment, I activated my faith powers and I declared that it would be there when I returned today for class. I even called ahead of time to see if it had been found and I was told that it had not been picked up. So I ran it through my head again and I mentally prepared myself to find it when I arrived for class today.

    I arrived for the 10am class at about 9:45 and as I entered the room, a guy was sitting on the bench in front of the area that I wanted to check. A few minutes later, he got up and went into class. I then knelt down and reach under the radiator and both of my cards were still there! What makes this story magic to me is the fact that I concentrated more on finding them right where I left them much more than them being stolen and that is exactly what I got! So how did all of those other people who were in that dressing room not pick those cards up? I mean not even the cleaners at the end of the day who sweep and mop?

    I blame dropping the case and not seeing the cards fall under this little radiator on rushing into class, so I will slow down even more now. It is one of my biggest rules with myself to never rush in or out of class. The lesson here for me is, when you break the rules, there will be repercussions each and every time. Some will come now and some may just show up later. Either way, it catches up to you. Keep rocking out your life!!!



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